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[West Java Tea History] Malabar Tea Plantation - K. A. R. Bosscha

Let us introduce you to:

Mr. Karel Albert Rudolph Bosscha.

He was the Administrateur (Manager) of Malabar Tea Plantation in the 1890s, which covered more than 1.000 hectares of tea plantation area, and operated 2 tea factories. These factories later will produce the Indonesia's finest tea and with this, he earned a lot of money.

With all the income he gained from managing the tea plantation, Bosscha was a very wealthy plantation owner. But, during his life, he was known as the most kind-hearted Administrateur (Manager).

Every morning, he did a routine inspection on his plantation. Riding his white horse, he usually started the inspection from a little forest in the middle of his tea plantation and finished it at a hill behind his house. During his inspection, he often had intimate talks with the tea pickers. That way, he had a sensitive grasp of what happened in the community of Malabar.

From there, he built the first elementary school in Pangalengan, West Java, for free! All of his  heritage is still in a great condition, because it is gently treated by Agro Tourism of PTPN VIII.

On the next article, I will share you the educational building that he built. 


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